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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on Communications

Event Date: 2019-09-30

Senate Standing Committee on Communications in its meeting on Monday while discussing the matter regarding land of local residents on both sides of Super Highway (M9 Motorway) raised by Senator Maula Bakhsh Chandio was told that local residents of Hyderabad city have been given toll exemption at the NHA Jamshoro Toll Plaza as directed by this committee. The mover also raised the issue of a number of u-turns on M9 despite it being motorway and the need of some underpasses and overpasses in the area. General Manager M9 said that the M9 comprises a total of 136 km and out of this 16 km is unfenced and has 2 u-turns and other than the Hyderabad bypass which is not technically a part of M9 there are no u-turns. It was decided that Committee members along with Chairman NHA will visit the site to see the realities on ground. Senator Ashok Kumar raised the matter of some problems for petrol pumps on M9 motorway. The Committee decided to deal the issue in the same visit.

The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Senator Hidayatullah here at the Parliament House on Monday and was attended among others by Senators Behramand Tangi, Fida Muhammad, Maula Bakhsh Chandio, Ateeq Shaikh, Lt. Gen. (R) Salahuddin Tirmzi, Dr. jehanzeb Jamaldini, Liaqat Taraqai, Yousaf Badini, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Ahmed Khan, Gianchand, Secretary Communications, Chairman NHA, and officials from the ministry and NHA.

The Committee also held a briefing about the CPEC western and eastern common routes. It was told that the Havellian-Thahkot section is 118.057 km long and the work progress is 88.33 %. Its Expressway section Havellian-Mansehra is 95.94 % complete and will be opened for traffic by 15 October. The Class Two highway section Mansehra-Thahkot is also under progress. The Committee was told that a 3 km section on the link road is to be completed by provincial government.

Progress on the Yarik-Hakla section which 292.50 km is delayed because for the remaining work that needs 51 billion has only been allocated 11 billion in this financial year and no amount has been received in the first quarter. The Committee deferred the briefing till the next meeting and called ministries of Finance and Planning, Development and Reforms to discuss the matter in consolidation.

 The Committee was also given details of officers working in grade 17 and above in NHA. It was told that out of 3,269 employees, 498 are in BPS in 17 and above. Out of these 393 are regular, 85 in contract and 20 on deputation. From these 498, 14 officers are on PC-1 acting charge promotion but all of these promotions were done before last one year. The Committee sought details of the status of the contractual employees and was told that after regularization orders of the contractual employees by the committee formulated some time back the matter is now sub-judice in court. The Committee also asked to submit details of the officers on deputation and details of all officers to see whether provincial quota is being observed.