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Event Title: National Parliamentarians' Conference

Event Date: 2019-09-15

Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani has said that following the revocation of the special status of Kashmir by New Delhi, the people of Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir have been subjected to worse human rights abuses and under such a crisis, we can no longer afford to remain on the sidelines. He has said that this situation calls for action from the Parliamentarians and Senate of Pakistan taking cognizance of this responsibility is arranging a National Parliamentarians’ Conference to engage with all the relevant stakeholders.

While explicating upon the need of this conference and the complexity of the situation, he remarked that one of the most picturesque regions of the world, often referred as heaven on earth with alluring mountains, deep and narrow valleys and high barren plateaus – Kashmir, today bleeds under brutal Indian aggression and demands international attention. The seven-decade long dispute has resulted in almost 90,000 casualties of innocent Kashmiris demanding freedom from Indian aggression and their right to self-determination. It is reported that during the first six months of 2019, over 270 Kashmiris have lost their lives and scores incarcerated at the hand of vicious Indian forces illegally occupying the serene region of Indian Occupied Kashmir. The extent of state sponsored brutality of Indian forces is not limited to killings and incarceration but it has also left many blinded and disabled by the use of pellet guns directly targeted at their bodies and faces. The state of India is responsible for grave human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir including unlawful killings, enforced disappearances, torture, and rape and other sexual violence perpetrated against innocent Kashmiri women. Moreover, the Indian security force has been granted complete impunity while perpetrating these acts of aggression against the innocent Kashmiris thus undermining their right to life, liberty and security.

Chairman Senate expressed firm belief that this platform will prove to be invaluable in addressing and condemning the grave human rights violations being committed by the state of India in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir and reaching out to world in resolving the long- standing dispute in the light of UN resolutions. Moreover, it will send a direct message to our brothers and sisters in IOK that Pakistan stands firmly behind them.

It may be noted that the Conference will have representatives from Senate, National Assembly, Provincial and legislative assemblies, international experts and all stakeholders of Kashmir cause to National Parliamentarians’ Conference.