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Event Title: Senate Sub-Committee on National Health Services

Event Date: 2019-08-09

Senate Sub-Committee on National Health Services in its meeting discussed the report by the Health Ministry and PM & DC on the reservations raised by members of the Committee regarding PM&DC Ordinance, 2019 according to which it should be presented in the Parliament in the form of Act and amendment proposed by members should be incorporated in the said Act, also details of appointments. Postings and transfers criteria being observed by the council time to time for its officials and procedure being adopted for the appointment of members of the Council as well as the Registrar and other administrative staff.

The meeting was held under the Convener-ship of Senator Dr. Ashok Kumar at the Parliament House on Friday and was attended among others by Senators Dr. Asad Ashraf, Muhammad Javed Abbasi and Dr. Ghous Muhammad Niazi Director Regulations, Registrar PMDC and other officials.

Committee while taking serious notice on the issue of the Ordinance of PM&DC said there should be no Ordinance that would loss or damaged the doctors and students across the country and affects the Degrees and credibility of the institution. Senator Javed Abbasi highlighted the significance and consequences of PM&DC Ordinance. He said it’s clearly written the word “Fraud with the Constitution” in the Supreme Court verdict; however Committee unanimously rejected this Ordinance, which was passed un-constituently. Convener of the committee directed the officials concerned to redraft the Ordinance and assures committees’ support and help in this regard.

While discussing the matter of appointments, posting and transfer criteria, committee shows its deep concerns on the appointment of the Registrar, and said this appointment raises many questions on the recruitment process which seems to be ambiguous. Convener of the Committee said, students from Province Sindh and Balochistan are suffering for their entry tests and admissions due to wrSong policies of the institution. Committee directed the PM&DC officials to provide the Draft of the Admission Policy, list of recognised colleges/universities and Recruitments Criteria before the Committee in its next meeting which is scheduled to be held on 19th August 2019.

The Committee was told that, the issue was resolved from the students who were on strike in Balochistan province and hence the matter will be resolved by September.