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Event Title: Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs

Event Date: 2019-08-09

Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs calls for clear-cut India policy to counter Modi’s fascism, seeks special session on the biggest crisis since 1971

Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs in its meeting on Friday has strongly condemned the illegal actions by the Indian government regarding India Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOK) through a unanimous resolution.

Regarding recent announcements by the Indian Government on the annexation of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IOK), this Committee resolved to

“Categorically reject India’s illegal, arbitrary and unconstitutional attempt at altering the demography of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir;

Summarily demand India to immediately reverse these wrong steps which jeopardize the peace and stability of South Asia;

Emphatically denounce India’s blatant violation of international law and direct contravention of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council on the Jammu & Kashmir dispute;

Reaffirm Pakistan unwavering commitment to all United Nations resolution regarding the Jammu & Kashmir dispute;

Refer to the landmark initiative of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee taken on February 5, 2019, to convene, for the first time, an International Parliamentary Conference for solidarity with the Kashmiri People, at the British Parliament in London;

In light of that Senate initiative, urge the Government of Pakistan to support Parliamentary Diplomacy for the promotion of the Kashmir cause in a sustained bipartisan manner;

Decide to prepare an Action Plan to internationalize the Kashmir dispute, expose the Modi Regime’s fascist and racist policies which are reminiscent of Nazi Germany to take concrete steps in the domain of Parliamentary Diplomacy, highlight human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and to suggest specific measures for an “India Policy” that protects Pakistan’s National interests, promotes the Kashmir cause and proactively exposes the Indian designs, which are devise and dangerous for the entire region;

Condemn the deliberate escalation of tensions by India along the LOC and the Working Boundary (WB) by resorting to unprovoked firing in a violation of the 2003 Cease fire Understanding in an attempt to divert global attention from Indian atrocities in the Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir;

Resolutely condemn the recent use of cluster ammunition against civilian population by Indian occupation forces;

Demand the immediate release of the Hurriyat and Kashmiri leadership and the suspension of mobile and internet services as well as the imposition of curfew in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir against all principles of democracy, civility and free speech;

Reaffirm Pakistan’ commitment to continue to extend full political diplomatic and moral support to the Kashmiri people in their just struggle until they achieve the legitimate right of self –determination as recognized by the United Nations Security Council Resolutions;

Salute the velour, heroism and courage of the Kashmiri people who are valiantly resisting the Indian occupation army’s brutal repression.

Express gratitude to the Father of the Nation, the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who saw through the bigoted ‘Modi’s Mindset’ way back in 1947 and whose visionary leadership gave us a free country, Pakistan”

The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed here at the Parliament House on Friday to discuss India’s adventurism in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, abrogation of Article 370, its implications and Pakistan’s response. Special Secretary Foreign Office Mr. Moazzam told the meeting about the steps being undertaken at the Foreign Office and said that the Foreign Office after sending the High Commissioner back and suspending the trade activities with India, the Foreign Office is aiming at consulting all our friends globally and as the first step the Foreign Minister and Foreign Secretary have left for China.

The Chairman Committee Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed observed that Pakistan needs to have a long term and sustainable policy for India since it is a black day and the most important development for the region since 1971. The Committee collectively was of the opinion that the government and the foreign office alone cannot deal with the severity of the situation and Parliamentary diplomacy has to play a key role in taking Pakistan’s narrative to global powers.

Senator Mushahid Hussain said that the Committee on Foreign Affairs has always projected the Kashmir cause whether it be Al-Quds conference in Turkey, or special hearing at the UK Parliament or within Pakistan prior to the recent escalations and unilateral actions by India. He had already formulated a Parliamentary forum on Palestine, Kashmir and Rohingya (PKR). The Committee members were of the view that today’s age works with war of narratives and the importance of perceptions has to be emphasized.

The Committee was of a considered view that the matter is a point of great fury in all over Kashmir and Pakistan and we need to do more than usual. The Committee noted that after 1971 this current unilateral decision is the worst episode in the Kashmir issue since it has tried to change geography of not just the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir but the region.

The Committee chairman also observed that we cannot compartmentalise peace and the world cannot expect Pakistan to work for peace on western border while its eastern border is being disturbed repeatedly. Officials from the Foreign Office told the Committee that the impression that Pakistan’s response was not befitting or that Pakistan wasn’t keeping an eye on the emerging situation is not correct and the measures taken and being taken are our measured responses.

The Committee also called for a special session of Senate on the situation.

The meeting was attended among others by Senators Sherry Rehman, Abdur Rehman Malik, Javed Abbasi, Anwar ul Haq Kakar, Dr. Shehzad Wasim, Sitara Ayaz, Nuzhat Sadiq, Special Secretary Foreign Office Muhammad Moazzam and Additional Secretary Senate Hafeezullah Sheikh.