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Event Title: Senate Standing Committee on Housing & Works

Event Date: 2019-08-08

The meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Senator Mir Kabeer Ahmed Muhammad Shahai at the Parliament Lodges on Thursday and was attended among others by Senators Anwar Lal Dean, Brig. ® John Kenneth Williams, Khanzada Khan, Mirza Muhammad Afridi, Lt. General ® Salahuddin Tirmizi Minister for Housing & Works Tariq Bashir Cheema, Secretary H&W Dr. Imran, DG FGEHA and other officials of the ministry.

Senate Standing Committee on Housing & Works in its meeting was given a comprehensive briefing by the Ministry regarding the status of FGEHF Housing Scheme in Bhara Kahu and future plan of action by the FGEHA to speed up the said Housing Scheme also discussed the Starred Question raised by Senator Behramand Tangi regarding the possession of plots to the allottees in sub-sector 2&3 of Sector G14, Islamabad.

Committee was told that instructions given by the Committee have been added in Master Plan of the said scheme. DG FGEHA briefed the committee and said, this project has delayed due to Supreme Court and later NAB suo-motos. However with the approval of the Executive Committee’s 151th meeting held on 6-4-18 the Housing Foundation withdrew pay-order of 686 million rupees from NAB and released 120 million to M/s Green Tree from it. Initially, M/s Green Tree provided approved layout plan consisting of 3244 plots. Later on, in order to determine the actual numbers of plot, services of M/s NESPAK were obtained. M/s NESPAK after detailed survey submitted a report and identified that 700 Kanal hilly areas is not feasible for construction. Further, as per amendment made by CDA in its regulations, the green area was required to be increased from 8 to 15%. Hence in order to get 3268 plots available, 222 more kanals was required and provided by M/s Green Tree to make for deficient land. M/s Green Tree also prepared a construction agreement on prevailing rates as decided by the Executive Committee on its 156th meeting submitted its cost estimates which have been vetted by M/s NESPAK. Thereafter, 158th meeting of Executive Committee it was decided that Housing Foundation may go ahead towards singing of Construction Agreement and accordingly a letter to mobilize at site has been issued. M/s Green has started development work.

Responding to a question raised by Chairman Committee D.G FGEHA said, price of the plots have now increased from 3 million to 4.4 million (approx) and 2200 plots from 3300 have been allotted. Senator Mirza Afridi asked how many funds have been received so far in the purchase of plot? Secretary H&W responded, committee will be informed about the details in next meeting. Committee directed the Secretary H&W to share the Allottees detail so the matter can be made more transparent. Briefing on the issue of Starred Question raised by Senator Behramand Tangi regarding the possession of plots have been given to the allottees in sub-sector 2&3 of Sector G14, Islamabad, committee was told, the matter is in the final stages and committee will be informed about it soon.

Committee after detailed briefing decided to Site Visit of Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme after Eid Holidays and Ground Facts will be reviewed