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Event Title: The Sub-Committee on Federal Education and Professional Training

Event Date: 2019-07-29

The Sub-Committee on Federal Education and Professional Training, in its meeting today AT Parliament house, has recommended that Islamabad schools should be playing the role of Model schools at grass root level. The committee observed that private schools are getting much successful and powerful than our government institutions. It was said that not everyone can afford private schools so we need to reform our own institutions and make their infrastructure better so that our children are protected and secure from any mishap.

During the briefing on Repair,  Maintenance and scrutiny of budget allocation for education, , Convener Committee Senator Rana Maqbool said that Ministry of Federal Education and professional training should take important measures to make Government schools buildings better. He said that condition of some schools is really poor and if building gets damaged, it can cause deaths. Officials informed the Committee that Ministry has conducted baseline survey in 423 institutions to check situation of missing facilities and maintenance work. The committee was told that unfortunately, 90% of this budget is spent on the expenditures of ERE employees. We’re bound to PWD for the maintenance and repairing work who demands more as compared to local contractors. Senator Javed Abbasi said that our labs, school infrastructure was really good and had very good repute and result overall but it’s deteriorating now. Senator Muhammad Ali khan Saif added that; some schools in rural side of Islamabad are worst examples and buildings can cause deaths. He said that the drinking water in schools is so unhygienic that it causes HIV and other serious diseases. Furthermore, he suggested making schools, community centers by public private partnership as it is common nowadays in our neighboring countries; it’ll generate revenue that can be spent on school’s maintenance. Convener committee Rana Maqbool recommended that FDE make a plan regarding this and present report to committee that how can we make improvements in buildings & performance of our schools.

While briefing the committee regarding rules formulated for Ph.D. students, Barrister Saif said that irrelevant subjects have been included in the courses of PHD students which are not beneficial at all and it’s wastage of time and money. How is it justified that you teach economics and Math subjects to law students, he questioned. He added studies for PHD students need to be made easier and methodology needs to be changed.HEC officials informed that we refer this responsibility to Board of study who decides the PHD courses and the board consist of 5 to 7 members. Convener committee raised question that is there any committee which is responsible to keep check on the board and recommended HEC present report on this issue within 15 days.

 The meeting was chaired by Senator Rana Maqbool Ahmed,  and was attended by Senator Engr.Rukhsana Zubairi, Muhammad Ali Saif, Javed Abbasi, Additional secretary Federal education and professional training Syed Anwar ul Hassan Bukhari, Joint secretary Inam Javed, Director finance Management FDE Amber Sultana, Member Finance HEC and other Officials.