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Event Title :
A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Industries and Production
Published Date :
Feb 6,2018

A meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Industries and Production was held under the Chairmanship of Senator Hidayatullah in Parliament House, Islamabad. The meeting was attended by Senators Aurangzeb khan, Malik Najmul Hassan, Kalsoom Perveen, Mian Muhammad Ateeq Shaikh, Khandaza Khan and Taj Haider.

Ministry of Industries and Production briefed the Committee on Bi-Annual budget allocation of  2017-18 and its utilization. The development portfolio of ministry of industries and production is worth Rs.10.722 Billion and an amount of Rs.2737.27 Million is allocated to 13 ongoing/new projects CFY 2017-18. Demand wise Budget Grant 2017-18 for capital outlay on industrial development is 2737.270 million, but actual release by P&D/Finance Division is 293.230 and budget utilization 2917-18 upto 31-12-2017 is 234.750 million. Output wise budget grant 2017-18 for core strategic areas of MOI&P is 2737.270 and budget utilization 2017-18 upto 31-12-2017 is 234.750 million.

The committee was briefed by National Fertilizer Corporation of Pakistan on its overall working/performance and details of appointments made during last ten years. Marketing operation of NFML is carried out through countrywide network of dealers. NFML owns 6 bulk warehouses throughout the country. Imported Urea sold by NFML in 2015-16 is 144,265 million tons, in 2016-17 is 117,051 million tons and 2017-18(Jul-Dec) is 158,988 million tons. At present, NFML has dealers' network of 2150 dealers all over the Pakistan to deliver the imported urea to the farmers at their door-step. The committee directed the concerned officials of NFCP to provide details of urea rates applicable in FATA and to check whether same rates are applicable across the country.


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