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Event Title :
Senate Standing Committee on Defence Production
Published Date :
Oct 27,2017
Senate Standing Committee on Defence Production in its meeting was told that total volume of export business of the Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) for the financial year 2016-17 was 67.73 million and that of current year has reached to around 60 million till date which can go up to a 100 million till the end of financial year.
The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Senator Gen (R) Abdul Qayyum here at the Parliament House on Monday and was attended among others by Senators Brig (R) John Kenneth Williams, Gianchand, Nuzhat Sadiq, Hafiz Hamdullah, Seher Kamran, Mian Ateeq Sheikh, Secretary Defence Production Gen. (R) Ijaz Chaudhry, Chairman POF Gen Durrani, and heads of different departments of POF including ED HR, Director Exports, Director Admin and Director Security.
Director Exports POF while briefing the committee told that POF has domestic sales amounting to 11,833 million out of which 3,230 million were received from sales to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and 8,603 million from sales to other subsidiaries. These subsidiaries include WL, Wah Nobel, Hi-Tech Plastic and WBM. POF has seen a growth in commercial sales to LEAs in last four years, more targets have been achieved while remaining within the budget estimates.
 Chairman Committee observed that our Defence Production Industry is our pride which is not only fulfilling the requirements of Armed Forces but is also commercially viable and enhancing export sector. On the question of whether more markets have been explored, the Chairman replied that the Factory has already entered into agreements with Laos, Peru, Germany, Bosnia, Luxemburg and Kenya among other countries.
The Committee was also told that new recruitment policies are being adopted targeted at having expertise of different fields to make the organization workforce more effective. Chairman POF told the meeting that most of the hired people were from engineering background because they were meant to do production work but now we are hiring people with professional experience as well. He also said that new training regimes and new specializations are also being introduced meant to rationalize the Human Resource.
While talking about present status of plants and machines and projected modernization plan, the committee was told that 58% of the machinery in use of POF is around 30 years old and it definitely affects the cost and time of production. The committee strongly recommended expediting work on the moving and approval of summary of 250 million US Dollars required over a span of five years for up gradation of the machinery.

The committee was also briefed about progress on labour colonies, details of welfare trust projects and security arrangements including safe city project in Wah. It was told that trackers are now being installed o vehicles that carry the ammunitions to destinations. The Committee appreciated the subsidies being provided to POF employees in different sectors and also recommended early reinitiating the proposal of housing arrangements for employees

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