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The leader of the house has said that Pakistan accords special importance to collaboration with China
Published Date :
Aug 10,2017

The leader of the house in the Senate Senator Raja Mohmmad Zafar ul Haq Has said that Pakistan accords special importance to collaboration with China. Especially in recent years, trade and economic relationship has become the Centre-piece of Pak-China bilateral relations. He appreciated China’s assistance and cooperation in the areas including energy, infrastructure, manufacturing and IT.

He was addressing at a seminar on “Pakistan-China Relations: CPEC and Beyond” arranged by Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad. He further said that, Government of Pakistan is keen to share with its Chinese friends the advantages accruing from their strategic position at the crossroad of Central Asia, South Asia, West Asia and China. He observed that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the torch bearer of this shared vision and common objectives.

He emphasized on the advantages of the CPEC by saying that it is not just a trade route between two countries as its significance goes far and beyond. He further said that the fruits of CPEC have already started bearing for Pakistan as electricity shortages are reduced and the connectivity between the underdeveloped and developed areas has also improved.

He said that Pak-China cooperation is vital to the protection and promotion of international peace and security in a multi-polar system confronted with serious challenges such as terrorism, regional conflicts, energy crisis, and environmental degradation.

Leader of the House Senator, Raja Zafar ul Haq said that we should join hands, combine synergies and forge wide-ranging, stronger and sustainable partnerships by harnessing the full energy of our masses and turned shared ideals of peace, development and prosperity into a reality.

He concluded on sentiments of affection and goodwill for the people of China and prayed for their continued progress and prosperity.

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