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Event Title :
Federal Educational and Professional Training Committee
Published Date :
Jul 11,2017

Meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Federal Education and Professional Training was held under the Chairmanship Senator Noman Wazir Khattak of the Committee have appreciated the compulsory teaching of Holy Quran bill, adopted by National Assembly. State Minister of Education, Baligur Rehman, while presenting the parts of the bill, said that according to first part of the bill students are required to study Quran Nazra from grade 1 to grade 5, while second part of the bill required students to study simple translation of Quran from grade 6 to grade 12. He also assured that the bill is not applicable to non-Muslim student. The proposed bill would have been limited to the schools, which come under the jurisdiction of Federal Capital. Minister said that all provinces have also agreed to implement this bill.

Committee has also discussed the disparities in the salaries of the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) teachers. Chairperson NCHD, Zareena Aalam said that community schools based teachers, whom jobs are considered as pert time or voluntary, are paid between 5000 to 8000 rupees. On which Senator Sehar Kamran said that if we can invest on mega projects than why we cannot give our teachers even the minimum wage, which is 15000 rupees. Senator Nuzhat Sadiq said that there should be an increase in the salaries of community teachers along with their proper training.

Senator Azam Sawati has raised the question about the endowment fund, which was established through foreign donations. On which, Minister Baligur Rehman said that there were some issues in the implementation of that program because of the lack of coordination between the Board established for the purpose and NCHD. Committee has decided to give Minister of State for Education responsibility to coordinate between the three parties’ involved, foreign donors, board for endowment fund and NCHD. Chairman Committee Senator Noman Wazir Khattak said that community teachers should not be paid less than 15000.

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