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Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat in its meeting took strong notice of non-provision of water in various sectors of Islamabad
Published Date :
May 16,2017

Senate Standing Committee on Cabinet Secretariat in its meeting took strong notice of non-provision of water in various sectors of Islamabad and the incoherence in different replies by the concerned officials of CDA and CADD. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Senator Talha Mehmood here at the Parliament House on Tuesday.

The meeting was to have a detailed briefing on the sector-wise allocation of quota for provision of water supply and shortage of water to all sectors including D-12.  It was stated in the briefing that rain water if the only source of water supply in different sectors of Islamabad for which Simli dam is the main reservoir. The officials from CDA and CADD could not give convincing replies to questions regarding demand and supply, reasons for the gap, capacity and condition of reservoirs and any concrete measures taken by CDA to tackle the issue of water scarcity. The committee directed both bodies to come up with proper answers to all questions in the next meeting scheduled to be held on 23rd May.

The committee after hearing the opinion of ministry of law and CADD, disposed off the Bill titled, “Right to free and compulsory education (Amendment) Bill, 2017” moved by Senator Mian Atteeq Sheikh. The meeting was told that in a meeting with the officials of CADD, the mover had agreed on soliciting opinion of law division on the bill and had said that he would second whatever proposal comes up by the law division. The law division and ministry of CADD opposed the bill.

Regarding the public petition pertaining to exploitation of parents and students by private schools and use of drugs in public/private educational institutions, the committee was given a briefing by Chairman Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PIERA). A report prepared by Anti-Narcotics wing of ministry of Interior was shared with the committee naming eight institutions of Islamabad where drug use was hinted. However, it wasn’t clear whether there was any evidence of drug being openly sold within or outside the premises of these educational institutions. Chairman committee Senator Talha Mehmood observed that there is a need for a stronger system of checks and balances after such rumours but there seems to be no such measure. Islamabad Police briefed the committee that in the last four months 315 people have been arrested in connection with drug use  out of which 23 people were related to drug use in educational institutions.

The committee also heard the president of Federation of employees cooperative housing society E-11, who told the meeting that the society which was registered in 1982 has now been declared illegal by CDA after cancellation of its layout plan. The layout plan was approved previously but was cancelled unilaterally by CDA. The committee recommended that the status of society should be restored o what it was in 2015 and the 26 canal land of the society under possession of some other society should also be given to them. The matter will be taken up again in the next meeting.

While discussing the question of Senator Azam Swati regarding violation of by-laws by shopping malls and hotels in Islamabad, Chairman Committee Senator Talha Mehmood noted that anything which is against the law and which results in suffering of people due to violations should be dealt with in a way which sets an example for future.

The mover pointed out that the Centaurus mall has violated the by-laws by using the space fixed for parking area as a departmental store and by not building the fourth tower which was to be a hotel and was the major part of the project. CDA told the meeting that the departmental store has been sealed and that the management has been communicated that they will have to build the fourth tower and one of the existing three towers cannot be used as hotel. Regarding the construction of additional floors in Safa Gold Mall, CDA told the meeting that they will be charged with violation fines and the charges will be shared with the committee in the next meeting. The committee will also be told in the next meeting that why haven’t the violators of by-laws in the case f Grand Hayat been arrested so far.

The meeting was attended among others by Senators Islamuddin Shaikh, Azam Swati, Kamil Ali Agha, Yousaf Badini, Najma Hameed, Kalsoom Parveen and Haji Saifullah Bangash.

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